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Milton Keynes is a relatively new town created in 1967; it's home to 226,180 residents and is famous for it's concrete cows, which were created in 1978 by Canadian-born artist Liz Leyh. Milton Keynes' main feature is a shopping centre that runs 720 metres long; it has been listed in the Guiness Book of Records as the longest in the world. It features over 260 stores and services, and receives 27 million visitors a year. Milton Keynes Shopping Centre is a grade 2 listed building; which means it's particularly important and of more than special interest.
Milk Corporation™ has for several years been in the process of creating and distributing 887 cast concrete heads across the area of Milton Keynes.
Rapa Nui is Polynesian island in the south eastern Pacific. It's also known as Easter Island or Isla de Pascua. The Rapa Nui civilisation disappeared shortly after its first contact with European explorers. Subsequent visitors to the island wondered how a society built on such a fertile island could collapse so quickly.
A total of 887 stone heads were created by the Rapa Nui, the majority of which are still located in the quarry the stone was carved from. They were created as a form of ancestral worship, each statue representing a dead relative.
To move the statue from the quarry to its desired location, felled trees would be placed underneath the statue, allowing the statue to be rolled on top. This deforestation reduced the habitat for local fauna. Rapa Nui settlements became exposed to the elements, more trees had to be cut down to rebuild and strengthening buildings, which in turn meant the problem became worse. Eventually, no tree was left on the island.

The statues themselves weren’t actual heads, but entire bodies, buried up to their necks by eroding soil caused by the ecological devastation.

As resources dwindled, the society became run by the warrior caste, war broke out, people resorted to cannibalism, and society ended.
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