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milk corporation
Milk Corporation corporate headquarters is relocating, from the promised land of Milton Keynes, to the United States.
Hidden somewhere around the world* are two boxes full of goodies**, free to whoever finds them first.
The first is available at:
52° 02' 42N
000° 44' 55W
Beside a road, hidden under a bush, don't try to get it if you're an idiot because you will get run over and killed. Visit the local art gallery while you're there and get some culture in you.***
The second can be found here:
52° 00' 11N
000° 47' 14W

It's underneath a log, hidden beneath the brambles. I'd advise wearing thick clothing, and maybe even taking a pair of gloves. If you're visiting the area at night you may also find that it's become a prolific gay cruising area.****


* milton keynes

** any old crap I can find in my garage.

***not a guarantee, especially given their track record.

****you might find that a bit of a bonus, I don't know.