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Now available to download from the Milk Corporation™ website is BlockShooter™, quite simply the world's greatest computer-based entertainment product. The culmination of literally days of development, BlockShooter has finally shot straight from the brains of Milk Corporation’s team of highly professional developers to hammer its way straight into your bulging, jaundiced eyeballs.


In this thrilling bare bones two-dimensional shooting simulation you take the role of a circle who is prejudiced against squares. You gain points for destroying blocks, yet hatred and brutality get you nowhere; violence eventually escalates and it is only a matter of time until you’re consumed by your own bigotry. It is quite simply the most moving and emotional portrayal of discrimination since Schindler’s List.


Worried about violence in videogames? Well fear not, as this simulation is guaranteed to provide you with a full military-grade understanding of the use, maintenance, and procurement of firearms, so you’ll be adequately able to defend yourself against the other videogame addled masses.  


BlockShooter™ is available to download for free from this little link right here (3mb)